BITES Veal Paddywack



Naturally air-dried to perfection, Bites contain no preservatives, artificial colors or gluten. Each of these single protein treats are air dried to reduce moisture in a sterilized room for safety and cleanliness purpose. Made in New Zealand, using only New Zealand's produce.

Ingredients: 100% New Zealand Veal Paddywack

Feeding recommendations: No adverse effects from over-feeding. Paddywack is a chew.

Freshness: BITES treats are produced in small batches. Every batch is from freshly sourced meat and organs. At BITES, we do not over produce or over import to ensure the freshness and the quality of each packet of treats. Every single batch is checked, tested and hand-packed for freshness. Same flavours will sometimes look different from batch to batch as every batch is produced from wild meat, which means we are unable to decide what the wild animals eat or how fat/thin/big/small they grow. At times, we have some flavours running low in stock due to the seasons, this also means on occasions, we have unique and more exotic flavours! 

Net Weight: 80g