Fat Boy Tonic - SHINE MY SKIN (antibacterial cleansing solution)



Shine my Skin, the simple cleansing solution that can be used almost anytime, anywhere. Ever wondered how to keep your dogs clean from allergens after their daily activities without going through the big fuss of showering and drying? Shine my Skin is the answer to your problems. Gentle on skin, tough on dirt, Shine my Skin is filled with ideal properties that can destroy allergens on areas such as underbelly or paw pads. Contains Fat Boy Tonic tincture and Organic Witch Hazel, providing antiviral, antimicrobial properties. Keep Shine my Skin on hand at all times to clean and protect your dog at all times!

  • Gentle on skin, tough on dirt
  • Get rids of allergens with just one wipe
  • Helps to increase blood flow and promote healing
  • Natural astringent 
  • Disinfect and deordorize 
  • Does not cause dry skin
  • Keeps wound clean
  • Freshly created from raw ingredients
  • Safe when ingested (do not feed on purpose)
  • Does not contain preservatives, chemical compounds or artificial ingredients

Wet a cotton pad or towel with solution, apply and clean directly on paws, underbellies and areas of concern. May be used to clean minor wounds, do not used on fresh deep cuts. Use after walks or as often as needed.


Contains Fat Boy Tonic tincture and Organic Witch Hazel. Click on 'our stash' to find out more.


8OZ of pure goodness

Avoid storing under direct sunlight or extreme heat