Adventure Together

Whether you are hiking the Rockies in Colorado, playing fetch at the San Diego Dog Beach in California or just taking a walk in your local park, this athletic dog harness vest is breathable with straps to quickly pull your dog out of water, over a log in the trail, or catch them safely on a rocky scramble.

Great as an everyday walking harness, it’s lightweight with a padded chest plate that reduces strain on the chest or neck. It includes the Kurgo Steel Nesting Buckles which are based on engineering in harnesses for rock climbers and linesmen. With a halt ring on the front chest plate, it’s also a no-pull harness. If your pup attempts to pull on a leash attached to the halt ring, it will just turn him around effectively training him that pulling will get him nowhere!


  • Breathable, lightweight active dog harness
  • V-neck with padded chest plate reduces strain on chest and neck, ideal for running and hiking
  • Padded vertebrae protector with integrated webbing
  • Control handle for easily assisting dogs over obstacles or out of water
  • Nesting steel buckles for added strength
  • Reflective trim for added safety
  • No pull harness with halt ring on chest
  • This harness does NOT have an adjustable neck size. Please refer to size chart below

Size: S

Measurements: Neck/30cm, Chest/41-56cm, Weight/5-11kg

Color: Black