[NEW VERSION] TORUS water bowl - 2L capacity




• Additional 5th screw and gluing to further secure the bowl from leakage.

• Silver gliding on words and icons for longer lasting.

Torus stores water inside its reservoir walls, filtering it as it automatically dispenses.  Its large capacity means less filling and its low profile and grips mean no mess or spills to clean up.  Torus has a lock, fill and drink function making it ideal for travel and portability.  Torus does not require batteries or power source.  Torus bowls come in two sizes and includes one carbon filter.  Other products include replacement filter packs (5 filters or five months) and replacement caps.

With TORUS™, we can now provide a constant flow of clean filtered water on the go. 

Storing up to 2 Liters (approx. 8 metric cups, 2 Quarts or 0.5 Gallons) of water inside its reservoir walls, ensuring an ample supply of water, protected from dust and contaminants. Each time your pet takes a drink, replacement water automatically flows from the storage area into the drinking well, passing through a carbon filter, and maintaining fresh water in the bowl to a depth of about half an inch. No batteries or electricity required. Activated carbon in the replaceable filter reduces the impurities, trace elements and flavours commonly present in municipal water supplies.

It is ideal for larger pets but can be used for small pets.  Available in three colors – charcoal, red and blue.  Each Torus bowl comes with one active carbon filter lasting one month.

Washing: To clean the internal reservoir, use a sterilising tablet (widely available in supermarkets under Baby Section) every few weeks to 1 month.

Material: BFA-free Food Grade Polypropylene

Note: Colours might vary slightly from photos.